Keeping in mind that buying and selling diamonds is a complex process, we understand that qualified experience is essential.

We Buy Diamonds

We buy diamonds, at the best prices, from both private and professional clients. By quoting you a firm and precise value based on the 4C criteria and market demand, we promise you the very best price for your valuable diamonds. And with our ever-growing global customer base, we always have a strong demand for your diamonds. We also cater to professional clients, offering the best prices for premium quality diamonds. Selling your inventory to us will ensure brilliant returns and excellent, seamless service. What’s more, you can rest assured of immediate payment for the diamonds we buy from you. This not only reinstates our commitment to trust and transparency but also ensures you an easy, stress-free experience doing business with Poddar Diamonds. In addition to diamonds, we have an interest in precious and semi-precious colored stones and diamond jewelry, also payable on the same day.

We Sell Diamonds

The masterminds behind Poddar Diamonds have been selling diamonds as an integral part of their family business for over three decades. With this experience, we have perfected the process, ensuring a seamless experience when you purchase from Poddar Diamonds. We sell top-graded, independently-certified diamonds worldwide. And since we manufacture in our in-house state-of-the-art facilities, we guarantee the best-in-market, low and attractive pricing, based on the 4C diamond criteria. You can browse through a massive inventory of small and large stones, in the best cuts and quality parameters and discerningly make your selections.

We Cater to Bulk Orders

We also specialize in bulk orders both in different sizes as well as inconsistent assortments of the same goods in one size, color, and clarity. Understanding the specific needs of each kind of customer, we extend our brilliant products to everyone, from wholesalers to retailers and even discerning private clients.

Expert Advise

Keeping in mind that buying and selling diamonds is a complex process, we understand that qualified experience is essential. You may or may not have the accurate information or knowledge of making an informed decision, and getting the best value for your diamonds. At Poddar Diamonds, you can stay rest assured of receiving the best value for your diamonds thanks to our experience of over ten years in valuing and buying diamonds. We have gained the expertise and knowledge needed to offer you the highest prices for your diamonds. You can book an appointment, free of charge and without obligation, and benefit from our trustworthy experts on your every transaction.