As a leading diamond manufacturer, Poddar Diamonds aims high, setting and exceeding global standards for diamond production.

The Highest Standards

Poddar Diamond Ltd has 2 manufacturing units which employ a huge number of skilled personnel. Poddar Diamond Ltd puts serious prominence on meeting the global standards in the production of diamonds. We realize that the best way to guarantee excellence is to ensure that our human resources meet global standards. Poddar Diamond Ltd employs highly skilled and experienced professionals who bring with them a rich heritage of tradition and technique.

Special care is taken to maintain a highly dynamic environment in our factory premises. Poddar Diamond Ltd takes special efforts to encourage an atmosphere beneficial for workers to bring out the best in them. We provide world-class facilities that make sure that our workers do not experience exhaustion or stress at work. Poddar Diamond Ltd arranges extraordinary training programs to keep our workers at the cutting edge of technology.

We sincerely believe that our human resources are our principal assets. The state-of-the-art technology employed by Poddar Diamond Ltd is only a tool to help our skilled labor force. For us, our workers come first.

Designing Masterpieces

We place the highest value and attention on providing the perfect dynamic environment to encourage individual and team excellence. Our world-class facilities allow the staff to achieve their full potential in a friendly workspace without any exhaustion or stress. Every member that is a part of the Poddar Diamond Ltd entourage is a highly skilled and experienced professional with a rich heritage of tradition and technique. And our comprehensive training programs ensure they remain at the helm of cutting-edge technology, always abreast with what’s new in the world of diamonds, and constantly evolving to pursue even greater goals.